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I am the author of

The Mindguard Saga

My debut novel, Mindguard, was chosen Book of the Year 2014 by Its sequel, The Vintages, was nominated for Best Science Fiction at the 2016 eFestival of Words.


An intriguing journey into the minds of the key characters.

Amazon Reviewer

Thought-provoking, dark and scary.

Joe Dacy, author of The Esquelle Trilogy

The writing is polished and confident. The author is in complete control of the world and characters he has created.

Amazon Reviewer

A powerful and unique style sure to grip even the most demanding of readers.

Edward G. Talbot, author of the thrillers New World Orders and Alive from New York

Careful, intricate plot lines reminiscent of Greg Bear combine with characters whose fates you will care about - no matter their motivation.

Well written and sweeping in scope.

Amazon Reviewer

An author with the potential to remind me of the breadth and texture of Frank Herbert and his Dune books.

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